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Rome in a Day

Rome in a Day

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The once thriving Roman Empire fell apart. Who can resist the temptation to claim some of the lands for themselves? Do you prefer vineyards or quarries? Or maybe you want a little bit of everything with some olive groves and an oil mill on top? All you need is to make a good trade: offer a beautiful antique theater in exchange or add a few precious diamonds. Divide and swap lands outguess and bribe your opponents! Create a prosperous domain from the lots of Rome!

Features & details

  • The Roman Empire has fallen, but with this tragedy comes a great opportunity!
  • Work with other players to divide and claim the lands and buildings of the fallen empire. Larger sets of lands increase your territories but smaller sets come with gems that make you richer.
  • Each round you’ll choose how to divide your lands into sets, and you’ll claim sets from adjacent players to improve your empire.
  • But pay attention, because adjacent players will also claim territories from you and only the most cunning player will be remembered as the victor.
  • Make deals with a highly interactive "I split, you choose" mechanic, with "Kingdomino meets Akropolis" style scoring.
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