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Summoner Wars: Swamp Orcs

Summoner Wars: Swamp Orcs

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Embrace Nature’s brutality with the Swamp Orcs faction! The lowly followers of Mugglug will not hesitate to sacrifice everything to boost the strength and staying power of their betters! Feed your vitality to Mugglug, and bear witness as she becomes an unstoppable juggernaut in battle!

Ready-to-play faction deck! Units can be used to deck-build the ultimate faction.


*Master Set or Starter Set required

GAME DESIGN: Colby Dauch
ARTISTS: Martin Abel, Madison Johnson


1 Mugglug - Summoner

1 Glurb - Champion

1 Blub - Champion

1 Splack - Champion

5 Vinemancer - Common

5 Bog Shaman - Common

4 Bog Witch - Common

4 Mud Drudger - Common

2 Emerge - Epic Event

2 Sow - Standard Event

2 Regenerate - Standard Event

2 Vine Gate - Standard Event

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